Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines and More

First the good news- I am officially a rocker. That's right, kids. You have always suspected that I rock, and now I have fantastic news for you: I have learned an entire rock song. I can play "I love Rock n Roll" like I am Joan Jett's personal backup guitarist. Ok, not really, but it's not the point. I rock. No, seriously.

So, yes, technically, it is the only song I can play. But if you could only play one song, wouldn't it be THAT one? That's what I thought.
And to go with all this grooviness, my amazing boyfriend presented me with a rockin' valentines gift that you see to the left. Amazing.
I cried real friggin' tears. Never in my life have I cried over a gift before. I laugh now, but it was insane at the time how overwhelmed I was by such an amazing, touching, rockin gift. Complete with rockin card, in Sharpie. Oh, yeah. This is a rockin household.

Also, I need to give you the low down on what the good people at Land's End are doing. I got a message last week that they have a new line of clothing that is SPF 30 or above. And I quote, "The new Sun.Life collection is a full line of adjustable, breathable, and comfortable clothes for the entire family with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating of 30 or 50, which protects 96.7 to 97.5 percent of the sun's harmful rays." Cool, huh?

They were even nice enough to send me a jacket to check out. It's very cozy and warm, but it seems like something I might be able to wear in the warmer weather, too, so that's a bonus, especially in Texas. :) I recommend it on a comfort level and for the UV protection.

So, I know what you're thinking, and no, it does not exactly go with the rocker image that I projected just one paragraph earlier. But what can I say? A girl has to be versatile, and what better reason than preventing melanoma?
You also get the promotional code that offers free shipping and is available to you, my lovely reader, from February 8 to February 21. All you have to do is enter the code SUNLIFE and the pin 6365 when you check out. How cool is that? You can check out the Youtube video at

So, besides that, I'm super busy with school. It is high-stakes testing season, after all. And in addition, so many of my people are going through treatment right now. Please keep One Tough Chic in your thoughts, she posts her prayer requests very frequently and I can't tell you what a friend this woman has been to me when I needed it. She is very close to my heart and has always felt more like family to me than a friend. It's so hard to see and hear of my friends going through so much as they fight this disease. I try to make peace with it, but, as you know, it is nearly impossible sometimes.

If you check out my cancer links, you'll read that also Linda is posting regularly and she needs your positive vibes as she has been in and out of a significant amount of pain. Please keep Rich in your thoughts, as he just recently, tragically, lost his wife Rachel to melanoma, as did Tara Swanson's family and friends. And there is JohnnyDeep awaiting upcoming scans, Bert who is in treatment, Becky who is recovering from kidney stones and heading up to NIH soon for scans, Tina who is in between treatments, JayBee who is somewhat concerned over recent scan results, Lance in Florida who is going through radiation, and Dave who is still recovering from treatment. I'm sure I've missed someone, and if I did I apologize. Just know that all of my people out there going through this need your positive thoughts. Treatment and recovery can be such an isolating, saddening experience, but with the right support, your friends can make a hell of a difference. It helps so much just to know that people are thinking of you and that you are not alone.

So for everyone struggling right now: you are not alone.

My thoughts are with you all and the way you sustain consistently inspires me. Thanks for being incredible examples of strength. YOU are the rockers! Joan Jett would be proud.



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