Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you know Clare Oliver?

No tan is worth dying for. Clare Oliver's very personal and powerful message:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Freedom Like a Shopping Cart

What if today, instead of fearing what was going on, I allowed myself to absorb it's painfulness? What if I thought about not how unfair it is, but rather what I could offer in prayer? What if I stopped lying to myself about what it is I want to do, and instead just said it out loud in spite of it's awkwardness and "inappropriateness"? What if I faced everything that I am afraid of, knowing I'd come out on the other side? What if I stopped thinking about how angry I am, and diverted my thoughts to how amazing it is that I can make a choice about how I handle my emotions? What if I accepted all these feelings inside me with kindness and gentleness of myself? What if I stopped avoiding the things that I know will make me face what I feel? What if instead of thinking and planning and always writing about what I want to do, I actually did it? Like right now.



I'm Too Young For This!