Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 Important Messages

Take a minute or 2 to process each one before moving on to the next. :)


Sunday, December 06, 2009

True Dat

Best quote ever, discovered while reading in the bathtub last night. What a moment.

"Imagine that you come home one day after work to find your door smashed open, hanging on the hinges. You have been robbed. You go inside and find that everything you won has vanished. For a moment you are paralyzed with shock, and in despair you frantically go through the mental process of trying to recreate what is gone. It hits you: you've lost everything. Your restless, agitated mind is then stunned, and thoughts subside. And there's a sudden, deep stillness, almost an experience of bliss. No more struggle, no more effort, because both are hopeless. Now you just have to give up, you have no choice.

So one moment you have lost something precious, and then, in the very next moment, you find your mind is resting in a deep state of peace. When this kind of experience occurs, do not immediately rush to find solutions. Remain for a while in that state of peace. Allow it to be a gap. And if you really rest in that gap, looking into the mind, you will catch a glimpse of the deathless nature of the enlightened mind." -Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Hope you enjoyed!


PSA Opportunity

I received an email this week from Emily Miles, who is a casting coordinator for The Cartel, the television production company hired to produce PSA's for the American Academy of Dermatology in order to raise public awareness about the dangers of tanning beds. If you are interested, or think you know someone who might be, please see this information and feel free to explore this opportunity and contact her at or 877-556-7890. Help spread the word! Awareness is the key!


I'm Too Young For This!