Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

Hello all- Well, thought I'd check in briefly before next week. I'll be in the hospital receiving round 2 of the chemo treatment starting Monday or Tuesday and lasting 5 days. Let me tell you what they don't say about chemo, and that's that the drugs they give you to get you through the chemo is what actually makes you so crazy. They gave me steroids in the morning and at night to keep my system fighting, and I had a little more than 'roid rage. I freaked out Exorcist style, and besides the crying I did for 2 full days, I had that whole head spinning around issue, too. Luckily, it all turned out okay, and I'm rearing to go for another round. For those of you keeping up with what's going on through these blogs (both of you) feel free to call and check in... I'll have lots of time on my hands in the hospital. And thanks for all the thoughts and prayers going on out there, kiddos. Until next time, Amebos!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

World's Greatest Chemo Diet

Hey kids it's me, your favorite melanoma patient. I'm just checking in on y'all during my sabbatical from the hospital. I'm home for 5 days and then back to the hospital on Monday.

Chemo wasn't so bad, kinda weird and different from what I thought it would be. I can definitely tell you I'll never be a heroin addict. They were shooting me up between my toes by the time I left because the saline couldn't be pumped into me fast enough. It's all good tho, the nurses were very cool. I look MAD HOT in those gray hospital gowns.

Hospital food left something to be desired or was it just me? Everything has a funny taste to it even now that I'm home. I guess that's Chemo for you. It's been fun just trying to find food that tastes like it's supposed to. In the hospital the banana pudding tasted like fish. The ice tasted like dirt. The grapes tasted like hand lotion. Now I'm home and it's all fun and games trying to figure out what food is going to taste like. Nachos tasted like old lettuce. Waffles were spoiled milk. It's more fun than you think. Lots of foods taste like your favorite cleaning agents. 7-Up is like Liquid Plummer for instance. Good times.

For all of you asking, no I haven't lost any hair, just on the butt. I'll keep you posted on my Susan Pewter hair do when it happens.

Until next time America, you're my schmoopie-heads.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Better Vein, Or Is It Vain?

Guest reporter, Bobby here. Loribert Fistybuns, aka Miss Melanoma is kickin' it in the hospital sucking down Interferon like it was Iced tea on a hot Mississippi Mudbug festival night. She wanted me to throw a "Yo" to all her MM peeps (that's you).

For those that didn't know the hospital trip was coming don't fret, it was planned just a little bit of a secret.

Day 1 of treatment is in the can (movie talk) and she took it like a trooper, big surprise right? Nausea visited but was quickly squashed with something that sounded like Flem-en-luugee. I don't know what it is, but it worked and our girl got some mad hospital food. Mr. Headache visited too, but that may have been my fault as I was trying to hook up surround sound in her room.

Dr. Van Patten (Lori can correct his name later) is da man and puts Rodney Dangerfield's wardrobe from Caddyshack to shame. But he's the coolest cat in the litter box so you can't even think twice about making fun of him. My hick-e-fied relatives would throw a comment like "He's a good egg", I concur doctor.

Tamara, Stephen and the Fam have been visiting in regular intervals. Good eggs all around there also.

Internet access is non-existent at the hospital so if you've sent correspondence to Lori via email be patient (pun), Lori should be back home around Sun-Mon.

For now keep your prayers, Buddha rubbing, chicken beheadings coming. Whatever you've been doing so far it's working because she's on her way to becoming the Melanoma Poster Child.

I'll try to snap a pic of LL in her Tiara and upload.

Besos (from Lori),


p.s. Did you know your body produces Interferon on its own? You did? You did not.

Monday, August 15, 2005

10% Discount on Pedicures

So... tomorrow I go into the hospital to start treatment. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't nervous, hence the 2 a.m. posting. It's been a great week of enjoying things I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy in a while: you know, beer, showers, wearing real shoes, walking without crutches. It's the simple things you take for granted everyday that mean the most when you get them back. I'm glad they're back.

I'm just going to stay busy and try to get some sleep and focus on other things until treatment... just staying focused on all the good stuff going on around me. I know everything is going to be awesome and this month in the hospital is going to go fast. Also want to say thanks to Kelly & Jeff who came down to see me today, Tammer and Lush for being themselves, and little Bobby for letting me drive him crazy, and of course to all the other friends that have been there and the unmentionables out there (you know who you are, Voldemort). I appreciate you all and know I can do this with your help.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Snoochie Boochie

Well, it's been a good week. I've tried to slow down on the blogs because I don't wanna overwhelm my loyal fans. :) Anyway, long story short, the Jackson-Pratt tube in my stomach that led down to my leg and drained the lymphatic fluid out of my thigh came out (all foot and a half of it) while I was at the movies. It's okay, the movie sucked anyway. And they took the stitches out of my foot. So that means I'm really supposed to be taking it easy, which doesn't work out too well for me in general. The tube wasn't supposed to come out until next week, so the fluid is collecting in my leg, and it's not necessarily the most positive feeling. Not pain, just wierd and kinda uncomfortable. Anyway, it's not that bad, and it seems to be a lot better than everyone expected.
So next Sunday, I go into the hospital and start my first chemo (Interferon) treatment. I'm actually more nervous about the medi-port (that permanent IV thing they stick in your neck or chest) than the chemo. Is that wrong? I could use some company and phone calls, since I'll be in for a while, so if you're reading this, feel free to do so. The visits are $10 per half hour, or a four-hour block for $50. You can't afford me for the weekend. Slots are going fast, so call our operators NOW to reserve your good time. Neh. Anyway, hope to hear from you losers. Besos.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who's your mama?

Awesome doctor's visit... the sutures are still in the foot and I still have the drainage tube from the stomach, but no more staples. They took out sixty-something that started a little above my knee and went up my thigh into my abdomin. Yeah! One more step towards total recovery. And next week, I'll maybe get the rest of the foreign probes removed. :) Can't wait until they give me permission to walk. That'll be another great day.
Until next time, Batfriends...


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