Sunday, March 04, 2012

I should buy a boat

Wow, a lot's happened since the last post.  Let me wrap it up for ya:
1. finally got a for-real diagnosis
2. got a Rx for physical therapy
3. got new stuff to help deal with anxiety
4. got the pain much more under control, but I'm a little loopy all the time these days....

and, perhaps biggest of all, I write this knowing that tomorrow I'm going in to work to tell them I'm staying home for a while.  Yes, I am going to start my time off for disability tomorrow.  It sucks.  I don't want to do it, but I missed three days last week and I'm still not in
any physical condition to go back.  That says to me  that its time to face reality. 

 I cried a bit tonight after I finally admitted this, but I have to admit the state my body is in.  The pain has increased significantly, and even though I have it managed these days, I'm either too loopy or asleep when taking them- not exactly conducive to teaching.  We shall see what the days ahead bring. 

But I'm going to miss my kids.  

In the meantime, I'm asking for your thoughts and/or prayers.  I'll post more about the actual diagnosis and stuff soon.... just wanted to stick in an update on the mental aspects.  I swear, being sick is half a mental battle and half a physical one. 

I also want to thank my special friend who sent me a lovely plant.  It gives me something gorgeous to look at when I'm laying around.  And it has such good energy!

My friends are taking really good care of me, and we are getting to know each other in a whole new way. :) It's actually really funny the majority of the time.  They keep reminding me that "this is temporary," and that's really helping.

Lots of love, and I hope all of you are doing well, too.



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