Thursday, April 27, 2006

Straitjacket sold separately.

Well, kids, I set myself a weekly reminder to do a blog, and so here I am doing it. This week being on chemo after having 2 weeks off was rougher than I thought it'd be. The nausea isn't bad, but some of the other side effects I'd had in the beginning have come back, so I've been on a lot more drugs than I was before. That may not really seem significant, but it means I'm only awake a few hours a day. I know I've missed some calls from some of you, but I'm pretty out of it, and would just rather call you back when I know what's going on. This is really all I can write for now, but I'll be in touch soon.


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Anonymous said...

The women and the men of the world are begging for you to BLOG them!!!!
love you [ whats up?]


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