Monday, June 19, 2006

If you save yourself for marriage, the terrorists win

Hola out there in internet land. Well, week 2 is over and done with. I've officially been back at the 40 hour routine for 14 days (and counting). And, on an even happier note, I've only got some 6 weeks or so left of Interferon treatment, which means normal life is right around the corner.

It seems so wierd that just a month ago I was screaming and crying over finishing up this chemo. I was so mad that I felt so sick all the time and that I couldn't just, say, drop off at 10 months and call it even. Do I still wish I could've stopped? Heck yeah, but I didn't- I'm finishing up, and things are looking good. I'm taking a lot more pain meds than I'd like, but, let's face it: it's whats getting me through right now and I think that's the way its going to have to be for a while, at least until this is all over. And, as Bobby says, hey, I guess that's what they're for.

I spent this weekend just really resting and trying to get back to a good state. You know, line up my chakras and all that jazz. Friday after work I came home and thought I'd take a nap before dinner. Next thing I know its Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was. The rest was really good, and I took another nap at 6 and didn't get up really until Sunday at 1. Life of a working girl! Who loves it?

The only thing that sucked about my weekend semi-coma was that The Boob made dinner for me on Friday: went to the store, brought it home and fried it up in a pan, set the table up with candles and made dessert and everything. He said that after an hour of trying to wake me, he finally gave up and just ate without me, gave the dog my tacos and had a beer by himself.

Poor Bobby. He does so many nice things for me. I can't wait to be normal again so we can have fun like we used to and I can treat him instead of him always having to treat me.

On another note, is gas a killer or what? Dude, barely getting by having to commute everyday with such little cash. Thinking of trading in the luxury sadan for a Vespa.

Anyway, besides that, I'm still awaiting my results on my certification test, I'm working on looking for jobs for 6 weeks from now. SO excited about being out there again. Pretty soon I 'll be back to running and bringing home that paper, and I'll be that girl out there that people will be able to say, "Did you know she is a cancer survivor?" Does that sound wierd- to want to be a model of normality in a f'ed up world?

Anyway, toss it around inside. Make that money but don't let the money make you....



Anonymous said...

Love the attitude girly!!!!

Love you even more. Good talking to you today.

Peter said...

Keep it up, Miss M!


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