Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to eat fried schoolchildren

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. As you know now, the school year can be a bit hectic.

Having said that, I need to make sure that I make this clear too: your 2nd year teaching out weighs your first by about a million percent. I know, I know, mathematically that's not possible. But I'm telling you, I'm not exaggerating. I sleep at night, my room is organized, the kids actually get to enjoy the class because it's not so strained and new to me. So far, too, the goals I set for myself in the classroom have been attainable, and that's making the class better, too.

Not that there aren't "challenges" (the teacher word for problems) this year. I have a good group of really sweet kids, most of which still think members of the opposite sex are yucky, which I personally love. So cute to see them so young, and it makes my job SO much easier if we don't have love affairs going on. But never fear, by spring these guys will be jumping through their skin to see what it's like to kiss behind the gym after school. Ah, young love.

I've also had an opportunity to get to know my fellow teachers this year and- believe it or not- make FRIENDS. Remember those? The ones back before the chemo days, the ones you got to know at work and just vented to and were there to be vented to? Yes, those. Good God, what a difference it makes to be able feel comfortable enough in your own skin to just laugh and talk to someone like you used to. And to be able to hear other people in your same situation feeling the same way as you. These girls I've gotten to know have made my life a lot easier this year. Not to mention happy hour.

My one goal this year that I've failed miserably at is working out 3 days a week. I've pretty consistently worked out 2, and I always do it once, but this is it truly not good enough. Let's face it, people, I officially hate my body. And I'm an equal opportunity hater. I hate my legs, I hate my butt, I hate my back, but most of all I hate my front. I can't remember the last time I was so disgusted with myself. While I was on chemo, I always told myself that it was a temporary situation, and that I had no control over what was happening. But now, good Lord, it's been 2 years and I'm still struggling to get back into shape. Can I really blame this on chemo still? Me thinks not.

That's it for me. Tune in next week for the full on breakdown of every inch of my cottage cheesy bottom.


Carver said...

Hey Lori,

I am glad that your second year of teaching is going well. I can empathize with the work out issues but if I were you, I doubt I'd be thinking in terms of how long since interferon. You had surgery not too long ago. It takes time and you may have to keep making fresh starts. It's almost a joke at this point because I've made so many fresh starts but if I compare my current situation to where I was pre-melanoma, it will drive me bonkers. Good luck with all your endeavors. As ever, Carver

faye said...

I will back up your math a million percent; it is THAT much better.

I picked up a copy of the Deli Lama book at Borders the other day. Email me sometime and I'll get it to you. I have your Raw Food book, too. It was really fun to look at and aspire to, but not really do-and get fatter instead.

So, I'm saying I feel your pain regarding cottage cheese asses.

S.A. said...

Eating fried anything is a real diet buster, Girl!
Time is a precious commodity for us all, but teaching will take it all, to be sure. It seems like the more you are willing to do, the more someone will ask of you. I am glad you have such a good grasp on classroom teacher prep program can really prepare someone for life in the trenches. Glad to know you are having some fun happy hours...remind me to tell you about the Armadillo Club sometime.
Work out time will is still so early in the year. And twice a week is great, Heck, I work out 6 times a week (treadmill jog, cycle w/ hubby, lift a little) and still can't shed the pounds. Hurumph. I won't even tell you what foods this bod resembles. Blegh!
But, my darling, we are still here!
You are a wonder and I will be sure to tune in next week.
Love, S.A.*


Carver said...

Hey Lori,

I tagged you for the blogging star award. You can read about it on my post titled "Blogging Award and a Thank you" (dated Sunday September, 16). Cheers, Carver

Fighting Fatigue/Sandy said...

I truly admire teachers. I have very little patience for children and that is why I only have one! If I am in a room with a bunch of kids I just want someone to pass me the nerve pills! Kudos to you!

Scott said...

Hi. I am going to forward a link to this post to my little sister. She doesn't blog, but she's in her first year of teaching and she is having a rough time. She loves the kids, but I think she's having problems with some co-workers.

As for your body--stay strong sister! I was a bodybuilder before the cancer got me, and now my body is a fat, shrivelled shell of what I was before the chemo, IMRT, and aggressive resecting happened.

We are alive. It would be nice to get back in shape, but there are more important things.


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