Monday, May 19, 2008

HCB! DYSWIS? Free stuff?!?

OMG! Have you heard of Too Faced Cosmetics? Well, if you haven't, you are just SO lucky to hear about them today. First, let me say this: any cosmetic company that develops a kit with Good Girl/Bad Girl palettes is right up my alley. They have INCREDIBLE products like Lash Injections, Eye Gems, Glamour Shadow, the Hopeless Romantic Quickie kit, and Extreme Lip Injection, that will make you poop your pants- for real- and coming from a girl who listed mascara as the #1 item she would take with her to a desert island, that is serious. But, get this, more importantly, this company rocks my socks because it has given over 1 Million dollars in donated funds for research to the Melanoma Research Foundation! (Tell me the last time you heard about Covergirl doing that sh*t. )

That's right- and I quote "Inspired by Lisa Blandino, Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino’s sister, who is battling skin cancer comes this beauty kit with a heart of golden pink. A gorgeous collection of four exclusive eye shadows two lip glosses and one big ol’ duo face shimmer all in shades of pink and gold. And did we mention a fat chunk of the proceeds benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation? See you can be pretty and thoughtful!"

How completely fabulous is that? You KNOW you want it! And the good news is, a lovely and talented friend of mine who actually works for Too Faced has donated these cute little items just to help raise awareness! So tell your friends! And your friends' friends! Just comment here today or email me and I will put your name in the hat for these 2 free adorable, fabulous kits that I will totally send to you if you win the drawing! It's just here on Miss Melanoma kids- don't miss out! Enter today! Just a few more exclamation points!!! I'm so freakin' perky about all this it's like I'm Skin Cancer Awareness Barbie! But I can't help myself! Yay!



nolagirl said...

I want you to know that you rock and inspire me. I have had minor melanoma removed in '06 and was actually back at the derm. for a spot to be taken off my arm today.

Sad news though: my brother in law is in a bad spot-- stage V, just diagnosed last month. Completely unbelievable and so hard to get my head around it.

Send me the makeup - I would love to keep it but maybe I will even give it to my sister. She might need a pick me up more than I do right now....

PS. how does one stop wallowing?
I am very very down these days but am trying so hard to remember how lucky we all really are! You seem so "upbeat" all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I constantly check your blog to see how you are doing. I love your personality, you are such an upbeat girl! My Dad was DX'd with Stage 4 mel 3 years ago. It was in his neck lymph nodes. He had it removed and so far has been NED.

I started reading everything about mel shortly after his diagnosis. That's when I found Sarah's blog and followed her journey. Sarah's blog led me to yours and the rest is history. I so appreciate you and everyone else out there in cyberland who is able to share their thoughts, feelings with people like me (who are strangers to you..)
Anyways...i think that's awesome about that cosmetic company-wouldn't it be great if some other big companies could match their donations?? hmmm...
I know this is long....i just wanted you to know how special I think you are!

Washington State

Carolyn said...

Hi, I just found your blog today after googling "melanoma blog". So since the make up gives money to for Melanoma Research, does that mean it's "clean" make up? Since the skin is our largest organ and our cancer begins there, I've made it a goal to "clean" up my skin products...that's anything that goes on my skin.

The make up looks great! But count me in only if it's made of natural ingredients.

Either way...woohoo!!! for a company that gives toward this cause!!!

Kelly Kane said...

I LOVE makeup, especially when they do good things like this! :)

Is it something you can purchase at Sephora?

You should soooo throw my name in the drawing, did I mention I heart makeup... and I'm super white and always rock the sunblock.... even though I just had the hodge, I'm obvi scared of other things creeping my way... plus I have been lecturing friends of mine who think it's a good idea to go tanning... who's working for ya sistah? :)

Hope you're doing swell! I check in often, just don't comment as much as I should.



Alaina said...

I am a lurker, but wanted to comment that this seems like fabulous make-up!

easterlygal said...

Hey Miss Melanoma! This is a fellow warrior, having been diagnosed 4 years ago in June with Stage IIIC malignant melanoma. I have been NED since 12 05 and working since 01 06. I am doing well, but since my sister got laid off from a cosmetics company that supplied most of my makeup, I am in desperate need of good makeup. I would love to try the two-faced line. One question though: Does it have an SPF? I was not sure if there was a foundation that would have some sun protection. What a coup that would be! Caring AND Giving! Thanks for all you do and please pick me for your freebie give-away! Keep on trucking...Ellen

Anonymous said...

I am sending lots of positive energy + well wishes. We can beat this like others have before us :)



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