Sunday, November 22, 2009

If this was an education blog....

... I'd be writing about my job. I've spent a lot of my day today thinking about my kids. And my teaching this year. This has definitely been the most difficult group of 5th graders I've ever taught. Don't get me wrong- I love them. Like a lot. But they are VERY challenging group. I've never had so much trouble getting the content through to kids before, or had kids that had so little motivation. It's like this group would rather do anything than learn. Seriously. They ask to play Bingo every single day. Seriously.

So I've been evaluating what to change. One thing I'd definitely like to do more of would be teach in small group, so I can get to know my kids' needs more intimately and teach more effectively. But, the truth is, I don't know HOW to teach in small group. I do best in whole group instruction, but that is very obviously not working this year, so I guess, in other words, this kids are forcing me into new directions. Translation: I'm growing.

I'm reading a book right now called Spaces & Places and it's asking me: What is the one thing I want to do every single day in my classroom? Without much hesitation, I know what it is: to connect, on an academic level, with every kid. See the aha moment. Make them love learning. Make them feel capable, genius, fearless. No, I can't do that, but I can definitely get closer than I am now.

So, yeah. The life of a school-teacher. I am so cool researching and writing about my job on a Sunday evening. Alas, I still feel blessed. :)


P.s. Sorry for 2 things: a. not proof-reading this enough (which, in reality, is one of the major reasons that I don't post more) and b. the teacher-blog post. But sometimes you just gotta get it out there, you know?


Carver said...

I think it would be hard teaching large groups of children. I've given up on proofing my blog. I'd never blog if I got bogged down in style so I usually just free flow along and try not to worry about how illiterate I sound.

I had to laugh at you not cooking well but having a cooking blog. Sounds like a fun one.

Anonymous said...

i have that book; it inspired me to get rid of my desk. i'm moving to teach in shanghai(unless fall-through-- then, probably beijing or hk), believe it or not, in aug. loooooooong story, and a very NOT 'out' story as of yet, which is why post is anon, so i hope you figure out who this is- if not, you will soon enough:). these international schools are quite an interesting deal; can see you getting into the expat vibe. i find teaching deeply inspiring...want to experience it everywhere. glad you are so well! think of you often, friend.


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