Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me, Dear Someone Else---

I've had a ton of people send me this link on Facebook, Twitter and even in comments of this blog.  It's definitely worth watching, and I tear up every time I see it.  I wish I had seen it at 16! But I can still share now with people that don't know.  Please repost or send to anyone 16, or anyone who has ever been 16.  :)


Bob B. said...

It's a good one. Stuff like this really helps balance out all the crap on the internet.

The Path Traveled said...

I have this posted on my blog for a cure tab. journal. I wish I saw that at age 16 or younger also. It is a very good message.

Kim said...

rimost fabulous, MM. just like you. been a while since I posted, but think of you often!
Love, S.A.


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