Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a Perfect Day

Today is the first really cold day of this year so far, and we're all coping by sleeping our Sunday away.  :)

Days like this, it's really hard to resist the urge to nap.

This is the miraculous Kitty.  Kitty is really a "he," but reminds me of the a famous diva, who also happens to be a drag queen, and so I've decided she's the same.  So I guess "Kitty" is actually her stage name.

She's also the neighborhood stray, who finds residence during the cold months in our humble abode. Remember that post a few weeks back about missing her?  Well, she must've been trapped in a building or something.  She showed up after being gone for about 3 weeks, and she was stick thin.  We've fattened her up, and she's back to ruling the roost.  Can't you just tell by the photo what a complete queen she is?

This is Tabby.  She's a neighborhood feral cat that ran in our door when it was left ajar a moment too long last winter during Snowmageddon.  She is super duper sweet, but also super duper skittish.  We can't get close enough to touch her, but we feed her and let her in when it's cold.  That's the arrangement.  :)

Can you see her in the photo?  She cuddles up in this old car seat we keep in our storage area on cold days like this.

And, of course, who could forget Bear? in her super expensive cush bed.  She's the palace princess, complete with monogrammed pillow.

I'm bundled up, sans make-up, sipping hot coco and hoping all of you are enjoying your Sunday, too!



The Path Traveled said...

The comfort of body heat snuggled with someone taking a nap is usually the best warmth there is! Cute pics!

Friske The Comedian said...

I love you baby, and our life!

Mangy said...

i want to cuddle


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