Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And now, for something completely different

Your thoughts and comments and well wishes have brought me to tears more than once this week. Thank you so much, all of you, for your support. It has made all the difference while I waited for the results. I have been so touched and moved by your comments, and given such hope and strength by your words.
And now, for something completely different.
No, this is not my PET scan. But yes, I had a lymph node light up on my scan that my doc said he's "99.9% sure is melanoma." A little unsure as of today if they can do surgery, because the lymph node that he was originally concerned about was just scar tissue, and the lymph node that lit up is actually "very deep in the pelvis." So, if they can't do surgery, they'll do radiation. Good news is that he feels very confident that radiation will eradicate it. Did I spell that right? Oh, well.
If anyone has any experience with this, please write me. I'm a little confused as to whether this melanoma is spreading or if they just missed a node. I should've asked all this to the doc, but you know how this is when you first hear the news.
Thanks again to all of you. And thank you Carver for all your help and all the information that you provide so regularly.


Peter said...


Just seen your latest post. Good that the original lump was just scar tissue, but so sorry about the new finding.
My thoughts and best wishes are with you today.


Carver said...

Hey Lori,

I'll be sending out strong vibes that the node can either be removed or nuked into oblivion and that will be that. Take care, Carver

Holly said...

Your in my thoughts Lori, happy for the scar tissue, sorry about the deep node found. I hope the radiation does the trick!

mlittle said...

oh Lori

I'm glad the 1st one was scar tissue. But gee whiz, 99% sure? I know that PET scans are NOTORIOUS for false positives. I just don't want to believe it. Holy crap. I'm going to send you a personal email, cause what I want and need to say would just take up too much room here.

Make a list of ALL your questions. Type it up and print it out. Have the doctor call you back. Don't wait. Waiting only makes you crazy (it does for me anyway). Hang on girlfriend.

I'm sending as much support and hugs, as I can muster over the internet, your way.


Shannon said...

So relieved that first lump was nothing more than scar tissue...but so sorry to hear that your doc was 99% sure about another deeper node being stinkin' ol' mel!!
AS far as radiation to the node goes, I wish like hell I had some words of wisdom for you, but unfortunately, I don't...
I do know that once you have had a chance to wrap your head more around this news, you should fire off a hyuge list of questions for your doc.
Either way they ultimately decide to treat this little sucker, I hope they get rid of smelly melly once and for all!!
Lots of good wishes~


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