Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sarah T.

There is little to say today except the obvious: Derek has posted an update and we are losing Sarah. I pray for a peaceful passing for her, free of pain and anxiety and all the unfair things she's had to go through of late. I wish I would've had a hundred more years of getting to know her, but I didn't, so I'm thankful for what I had.

Bobby and I talked at lunch after we read the post, and told each other what we mean to each other. I can only try to think that maybe she would be happy about that, that all of us are taking a little love from the journey.

I wish I had more words, better words, but I don't.


Sarah's Blog


Kim (AL) said...

from Sarah's first entry in her blog:
"Crossing fingers and pleading with the universe. This was not suppose to happen."
I've had myself some cries(and sobs) today to honor SarahT...
and I plead with the universe:

Please don't take her.

Carver said...

Dear Lori,

You said it so well. Love is what we can take from their journey and I know Sarah would like that.

I'm angry at the universe for taking so many young, vibrant people before their time and yet what stands out is the love and humanity.

You reminded me that I need to focus on that love and not:

"trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries" Shakespeare

Thank you for expressing it so well. As ever, Carver

Anonymous said...

2007 seems to be THE year we are going to experience loss - first Larry, then Mary, then Lia, then Oscar, now Sarah. Then the threat/fear of recurrence - you (girl, your attitude is awesome) and now Diane. It can be overwhelming when I think of it in terms of how I feel - sad, scared, frustrated, angry - but I know it isn't about me. I am just part of the circle that wraps the arms of love around each and every one of these people. That's my part. That's all I can do - be there, hold a hand, share a tear, cause some laughter, focus on the person not the disease, SEE them and love them whole even when they are dying.

love you, Faith

Anonymous said...

Sarah Toller

February 7, 1977 - June 12, 2007

Sarah passed peacefully this morning with her mom and I by her side.
Now she rests, her love still radiating everywhere.


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