Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thank YOU

Before I do anything else today, I need to thank some very special people who have been providing some much needed support these last few months:
To Peter, Melissa, Holly, Shannon, Gregg, (and any other MPIPers that I've forgotten to mention)- thank you for your constant supply of strength and knowledge. It has truly been a blessing finding you.
To Andrea, Jacki Doss and Jacki Donaldson, Stephanie, and my friends and family that read and comment regularly, as well as all you lurkers who are showing your support just by being here.
To my co-workers who have been checking in and picking up my slack.
And especially to:
Mandy, Carver, Kim, and of course, to Faith, Linda, and Katherine- my sisters, where would I be without you? You have been my rock, my means for finding something positive in all of this, even when I didn't want to. Thank you for giving your free time and energy and wisdom and hope. If I worked from now till forever, I don't see how I could possibly repay you all.
And Bobby- what can I say to you? My God, there are no words to express it. The only thing that even comes close is to say that you have no idea how wonderful you are and that you've made every moment of my life exponentially more amazing.

Okay, wow! That was all very deep and very cheesy, but very necessary. I sincerely thank you all.



Carver said...

Dear Lori,

Thank you for being you. I may sound trite but I mean it. As ever, Carver

Kim said...

Bring on the cheese, bring on the love!
You are most kind and gracious, Sweet Girl.
And most welcome.
Whatever comes in the future, just know that you are cherished by many.
Take good care,

mlittle said...

You get what you give, girlie. So that says a LOT about YOU!

Still thinking about ya.


faye said...

I agree that the fact you're so cherished by many says a lot about you. We cherish what is valuable!! Thinking of you and wishing you all peace,

faye said...
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