Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

Hey kids,

Just a quick little post here. If you haven't checked my regular website lately, then you may not know that I've started a petition to require a Surgeon General's warning on all tanning beds (you can get there from HERE). If you agree with the cause, I'd appreciate your signature and ask you to pass the link on to as many people as possible.

That's all I got for now, but I'll post again real soon. I promise. Now stop being so clingy.



Snobby Bobby said...

hey hey she's my monkey
and people say she monkey's around

love ya!

BaldyLocks said...

Hey! I just realized you have a separate website! Duh!

I'm going to go look at it now. I'm not feeling very bright this very second...

I'm going to blame it on the Chemo Brain.


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