Monday, February 18, 2008

My Ego is My Amigo

What's the difference between God and a Doctor?
God doesn't think he's a Doctor

That joke has nothing to do with this post but it's always good to get a jab in from Jump Street. It's February, one of those 4 months of the year when I'm constantly considering finding another job. I check the classifieds, I ask friends, I daydream of a job working with cancer survivors. I love the kids, but all the other stuff seems to get in the way of teaching this time of year and I'm hella ready for summer. Today I left work at 3:30 for a physical therapist appointment and by God if I wasn't amazed to see what it was like to drive around in the daylight. Crazy.

Work's been getting in the way of all the stuff I find so important- I've hardly had a chance to check in on my peeps and I haven't kept up with my message board. It's so difficult sometimes to make it balance. I feel like I've done well this school year up until now, so I guess it's true it gets a little easier every year. I'm just ready to win the lottery so that I can start working on advocacy full time. Ready to be living the dream.

So to everyone out there that I keep in touch with, all my friends that are enduring treatment right now or recovering from it, just know that you are in my heart and in my thoughts.
And to you, dream job offer, I am waiting patiently. But if you don't hurry up, I could potentially be working with a nametag and visor and a much more serious case of acne.
And you should never trust a woman in a visor.


Kelly Kane said...

"And you should never trust a woman in a visor."

Ha ha, I love it! :)

BaldyLocks said...

I feel for you. I've worked with many teachers over the years (as a parent) and I know how the teachers and students can get frazzled this time of year. Everybody wants out!

I hope that your dream job comes to you. I'd like to be doing cancer advocacy as well but I'm soooo slow. I think it will all become a reality one day.

Anonymous said...

hey lil mama...

I think you already do advocacy full time...part-time cancer...full time kids. As rough as it is doing want everyone else piles on you...i think you love those kids and if you weren't able to be involved everyday you might feel like you were letting the little boogers off too easy.

Now as for Living the dream--- you can use the term now because I've retired it (atleast when speaking to you)hahaha

And if the visor causes acne , im your girl...i love to pick.

Could you learn president bush some proper english wwhile you're teaching today's children...
love ya

JB aka JayBee said...

I still love reading your stuff. Your words leave me feeling better than before I'd read them.

Thanks also for sending a bunch of traffic our way with the link. Your site sent 125 visits to Both of Us in the last month alone.

You dear woman, are an empire builder. I know your dream job is out there.

Duane said...

Beautiful new header! You rock, Ms. Miss Melanoma! :)

Duane Wayne (I remember A Different World very well. In fact, in middle school one of my classmates in fact called me Duane Wayne. I just was missing his cool glasses.) LOL

Carver said...

Hi Lori,

I love the Bush quote. Priceless. I will be sending out good thoughts that you will end up with exactly the right job for you. Oh and the quote at the top reminds me of the joke about the person talking to St. Peter when a man in a white coat busts to the head of the line. When asked who that is St. Peter said, sometimes God likes to pretend he's a doctor.

Take care, Carver

faye said...
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Anonymous said...

I relate to this, letting all of the other stuff get in the way of life. And the escape fantasies of a new, oh-so-perfect dream job; I've been there, too. I have this feeling that no matter what I did, at some point of pressure I would fantasize about doing something else. Greener grass, or whatever. candi faye

faye said...

Occurred to me you are probably getting emails saying you have new comments...what I want to do is go back and delete comments that track back to my blog, not that it's a big secret, but you know. And the damn things delete, but it still leaves a link. so I can't do it. Bah. Well, now you know.


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