Monday, August 11, 2008

Your Epidermis Is Showing

Can we all just take a moment to be grateful that melanoma awareness is up, research is happening and things like this are taking place:

Article: Hippy Approach to Medicine - Could it be the Cure?

And also, that this t-shirt is being made and sold some where? I mean, someone probably has this shirt on right now.

Don't forget: you have until the 17th to comment and be entered into the drawing for the free stuff!


Carver said...

I love those cartoons. It is good to see awareness growing.

Mary Jo said...

Okay, who can even pass up a chance to win free stuff? Not me! Miss M, I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer vacation - I drop in to your blog regularly and I love your sense of humor!

Mary Jo
Euless (IIIB)
5 years NED!!

Peter said...

Hello Lori

Just dropped in after a long absence. (Been busy...) Good to see you are carrying on with your blog, and looking good!

Over 2 yrs NED
Mor'n a year since interferon..

Donna said...

Early awareness.... early detection and a great dermatologist... saved me from a bad thing. (One minor surgery and those beloved words "clear borders" instead of what could have happened.) Love the blog.

seanty said...

Hi Miss M

Seanty from the UK Melanoma board here. Have you seen our new MM resources site?



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