Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Much Things

It seems unfair that I am posting about an amazing trip I'm beginning today, and posting about more cancer nonsense at the same time. But I guess this is life. As far as me, I am noticing every day a new microscopically small healthy behavior showing up without me even having to think of it. Today I noticed that I didn't back down on a comment I made. Not such a big deal in the big scheme but it meant a lot to me. So bit by bit I'm climbing out of the hole.

Please keep these peeps in your thoughts and prayers if you pray; they are all going through their own battles right now: One Tough Chic, Linda, David & Tara, Baldylocks, Becky, Bekah, Allison. All of these brave souls are in the blogroll to the right. They have all been inspirations to me and they at least deserve this small shout out. I'd appreciate you doing the same.

And, in case you haven't read, Eric lost his fight with melanoma. I know I am late posting this. I regret being so late to comment on it and it brings to mind other deaths I've known about, even recently, that I didn't post on. I guess I have been taking a new route of giving myself all the time I need to deal with things. When a friend of mine died a year ago because she never overcame the side effects of Interferon, I didn't post anything at all. I'd like to say it was to maintain her privacy but in reality I just didn't know what to say. I guess now I'd just like to say that it's no secret how hard any of this is. But we have been given the gift to not have to deal with any of it alone. Alone, however, I think, is how we find we have the strength to keep going.

Thanks for keeping these folks in your thoughts. Because I'm a teacher, I'm thinking of positive reinforcement for you. Perhaps if you do really well, I'll bring back pics from Paris!



Anonymous said...

I saw this on the "Pale Skin is In" blog....and thought it was interesting and sounds very hopeful!

Washington State

Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds like a great adventure. Glad you're feeling better about a lot of things, and sorry about your friend.

Summerbead said...

life is meant to be enjoyed! YOU deserve to have an incredible vaction. Leave all your worries behind ~ live for the moment and make the absolute best of it!
Thank you for adding me to your prayer list!!! I'm shouting out to all who are battling this disease.
Keep sending us pictures to look at ~ they are beautiful :)
Love, Becky


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