Thursday, March 05, 2009

If you're taking requests

So you know about my support group. You know that there are 6 or so of us, and that we are very close. We're from all walks of life, with ages spanning from fairly young to much older, and our incomes and lifestyles are even more diverse. And you know that they are what got me through the worst times of cancer, that they are the reason I can look at cancer without bitterness and regret. You know that most of what I learned from cancer, I learned with their help
What you don't know is that in the last few months, 2 girls in my group have been diagnosed again. One has had a recurrence of non-hodgkins lymphoma, and is trying another chemo regimen in order to be considered for a stem-cell transplant. Another has been diagnosed with a new cancer, if you can believe that.

And, of course, it's hard. It's way hard. I'm sure it's not actually so, but it might even be harder to be the one on the sidelines, having been through my own experience. Though these girls make it look easy. They accept their emotions, whatever they are, without shame and without trying to hide them. They express their emotions, even anger and fear, with grace and with peace. They amaze me. They make me pray for the kind of wisdom and acceptance that I see in them.

Please keep my friends in your thoughts and prayers. When you have a second during the day, send them some positive thoughts. I believe in that sort of thing, I believe that it makes a difference in the journey, if not the outcome. But please, God, make the outcome good.




Snobby Bobby said...

Hi love. I'm praying for the ladies and their families every day. You're awesome my love, keep it up!!

Susan C said...

Sounds like a great group.

Because of the models I've met both before and after my diagnosis, I knew how I wanted to live my life with cancer.

Now I'm facing a new, non-cancer challenge, but I have no models. Your post reminds me of how important it is for me to find them. I know I'm not alone.

Carver said...

I'm glad you have such a great support group and they will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Racine said...

Your friend may want to check out the forums at
As a fellow survivor of nHL I found a lot of support and knowledge in the above forum. I too went through stem cell transplant and almost two years later am doing well.

Heat said...

I just found your site through people finding mine through yours (convoluted enough?) and read the beginning and the current ... and when I read this post, I cried. As if doing it once isn't bad enough, to do it *again*... I wish strength and hope to all of you.

Miss Melanoma said...
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Gatapininha said...

Tudo de bom para ti e para as tuas amigas.


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