Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photo Sunday

Life is crazy right now. I'm working really more than doing anything else, but the TAKS is in two weeks, so by May I'll be back to a normal life.

I'm good, though. Besides work, I can say that I'm 100% happy right now. If you know anything about what's been going on, you've probably already figured out that my two cancer support homies are doing good. One has been called "cured," a word which none of us have ever even heard from a doctor before. She was so positive and upbeat through the whole treatment, it was really amazing. And now she's home, like a trooper, healing and doing well. So could be possibly ask for more?

And my other friend is home again and thanks to her crazy strength and tenacity, the treatment she finally finished brought about great news in her last scan. She is now eligible for a transplant and we are excited about this big news. It seems we have all been very blessed, and I am so thankful. Not to downplay what these ladies have been through, but it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I could go into all the things I've been dwelling over, like how every time something huge like this comes up, I revert right back to hopelessness. That's actually not entirely true, though. If I give myself some credit and am honest, I think that, little by little, I'm doing better every time. I know what I need to do, and that is sincerely and earnestly begin working on myself, coming to peace with the way things are and learning how to live in the moment instead of always wondering about if things will be okay. Admitting that is the first step, I guess, so I need to go about researching and planning a way to do that.

That being said, I thought I'd post some photos, including some things I am thankful for, and then get back to work. May is melanoma awareness month, and I've got some big plans! Can't wait to show you what I'm up to.

And now the photos:

1. This is me at the boxing gym I go to. These boys you see in the photo have become family to me, and they are a regular part of my week. Boxing has been a blessing to me, a way to relieve stress and just another thing that I have in my life that constantly teaches me that I am always in progress, and, simultaneously, always complete.

2. Pink hair is one of the simple pleasures in life.

3. Joy and me. What a blessing having a friend like this is. Our friendship sort of solidified over night, when I was in the midst of a horrible time in my life last year (see this post). She practically carried me through this time, and she's still around every time I need to hear that the TAKS test is not the end of life.

4. The Dude action figure that I have in the kitchen, right beside the Poptarts. Need I say more?

5. Me skating. Now, I'm not going too front and say I do this all the time, because this photo was taken the one and only time I've ever been on a half pipe. But eventually, I know I'll do this again. Maybe even twice.

6. This photo is from last weekend at the Deep Ellum Arts festival, a street fair type gig. And way too much fun for one day. Don't we look fabulous? I'm so happy I'm glowing.

7. These are my girls, and another example of the amazing things that can come into your life when you're down. I can always rely on when I need shop, go out to a club, have a few cocktails, worship handbags, talk about Edward Cullen, or dance. I'm so thankful for them.

8. and 9. Bear is the happiest dog alive. Bobby always threatens to write a book on how to live life like Bear, because this girl does it right.

That's it for now. I'll be back in 2 weeks.

Take care till then.



Snobby Bobby said...

Beautiful post my love!

Rick Possert Jr. said...

Great seeing the joy and happiness in your face!! My best to you and Bobby and Bear! hope you guys had a great Easter!

Tara said...

You are a amazing girl and an absolute inspiration to me. Thanks for being you...I love the pink hair!

Kelly Kane said...

Lovely update! Is boxing a new thing of yours or have you been doing it for a while? Either way, very inspirational!


BaldyLocks said...

Boxing! Pink hair! Skateboarding! Man, I need to get up, get out and go do something! It's sure nice to see someone say they are %100 happy. That's %100 awesome!

SweetAnnee said...

I love your pink hair, if mine was long enough, it would have pink in it..

and who's that CUTE doggie..??
looks so happy

Nick said...
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Beth said...

I love your blog and read all of the entries! You are so funny and inspirational at the same time. Currently I'm off my feet after having a dysplastic mole removed from the sole of my foot so I have a lot of time to read. Like you said, know your moles! I had another removed on my shoulder, same a dyplastic mole. My Dr says "Its better in a bottle than on your body!" Fortunately my derm served on the U of M Melanoma Clinic and was a melanoma fellow and he could tell neither were melanoma even before the path, and he was right. However, before the path came back I was petrified of the results. Maybe he was wrong, maybe its bad. I could barely function for several days. I found your blog and want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I can see even with a melanoma diagnosis how well you have done and your insight has been invaluable. I am vigilant about using sunscreen and staying out of the sun and have been for 24 years.(I am 45) That's probably why I looks so young for my age, lol! I will keep reading your blog, your amazing!

lilupida said...


I read your blog when I need a shot of happiness.

I have stage IV melanoma and reading you and Sarah and Heather I decided to write my own blog in Spanish because I haven't find anybody writing in Spanish about the subject.

Thank you for letting me post this and take care!

Duane said...

It's great to see you still smiling. Sorry I've been MIA, but you continue to be in my thoughts. Stay well, friend, and keep smiling.

Liz said...

I came across this site by accident (looking for 'melanoma...'). Love your photos! And I love the title of your blog "fun side of cancer." For too many people I know right now, it's not fun at all. Could that be b/c two very close friends now undergoing treatment are guys? The wives are much more upbeat. In any case, it's not a fun time right now. It's uplifting to see a positive attitude. I got that same thing from a memoir I just read, "Cornfield Heiress." (It's by Errollynne Peters.) She comes of age in the '60s, so ity's part memoir of wild and crazy times in the 1960s and '70s. Many, she does it all! And when life handed her inflammatory breast cancer, she decided the meds go better with the bubbly. It's a great ride.


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