Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Today

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank all internet surfers out there that have recently found my blog and commented or emailed me. It's great to meet you all! Cancer sucks but if we stick together there's so much we can accomplish and change. Don't believe the statistics or the doctors- but rather, find the truth inside yourself. Give yourself time to make decisions based on what you want, not what your doctors want. Do research and decide on your own what treatments you want. And if you need someone on your side, just tell them Miss M has your back! I'll support your decisions, even if no one else does. So there! Take that, haters! We don't need no stinkin' approval anyway!
Suck on it, Trebek!



Tara said...

You rock!

Kelly Kane said...

Hahaha! Soul sista!

Suck it!


Randi said...

Have been following you for some time. Have been through same stage since 2005 also. Like you been waiting and living. Thanks for the blog.

faye said...

how are you?

JB aka JayBee said...

Nothing new since April?! Girl you are slacking off in the blog department. I just wanted to share a headline with you. Much love from Far away,


Tanning Beds Up the Risk For Cancer

Indoor tanning is associated with a 74 percent higher risk of melanoma, researchers said… And, in a large case-control study, some forms of indoor tanning machines were associated with a four-fold increase in the risk of skin cancer, according to DeAnn Lazovich, of the University of Minnesota, and colleagues.
ABC News


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