Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Fell flat on My Ass. No, literally.

So Lush and I go to the movies tonight and, of course, I'm still on my crutches. And he says to me on the way, "I hope you can crutch up stairs, because I'm not sitting on the front row." Let me just say now that the movie had already started and it was full of people as we made our way up the stairs, and I noticed that I was almost tripping a lot and that I was really tired. So my stupid ass makes it all the up to the seat, when I just drop and eat sh*t in front of everyone. On my way down, there was this collective gasp from the theater watching me. It was hysterical. It's been a long time since I've been embarrassed, but I was tonight. I think I started laughing before I even hit the ground. And then I just sat on the sticky floor laughing until Lush finally helped me up.
Truth be told, I didn't slip and fall. I didn't even know I was falling until I hit the ground. And I guess since it was so dark in the theater, I didn't realize that I was dizzy, not just clumsy. Evidently that bowl of cereal wasn't enough today. :) I'm such a doofus- I know I need to eat more, but when I'm not hungry, it's hard to make myself. But I'm going to have to because I can't be one of those people that always has to have someone looking out for them to do the right things. Lush watched me like a fucking hawk when I got home and it drove me nuts. What a freak.
Overall, hysterically funny night. hehehe


Anonymous said...

You fool, what the hell were you thinking climbing stairs in the dark with crutches.....While you were at it, you should have tried speed crutching over a freshly mopped floor!!!!! As you were falling you should have screamed out "OOOHHH FUCK ME THIS IS GONNNA LEAVE A MARK".....Allright there sunshine, keep your head high and heart strong. And keep on crutchen!

Anonymous said...

Little Friend,

I love that you are laughing at yourself falling on your ass. 'Cause you know I'm laughing reading this. You and I are on the same page about people falling...it's some funny shit! You know I love you. And I love that you are keeping this journal. I'll be following along with you on your journey. I'm here for you...whatever I can do...always.

Love, The Bug

Anonymous said...

God I love this girl!! L, U always put things in perspective for me no matter the situatiuon. I love you so much for that. By the way if I was there at the movies with you I would have laughed my ass off!! Of Course after making sure my girl was OK. See you real soon.
Manda Panda


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