Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Um, that's gonna leave a mark

Not much going on this week. I think I got a cold somehow, even though I never leave the house. How does that happen? And I'm so ready for summer for the warmth of the sun, for days with no rain and for lazy summer nights. Just a random thought, just something I pulled out of the air. Just putting it out there. Just sending a shout out.

So chemo on Sunday really jacked with me, mainly because I had to take the white blood cell shot, too, which makes me even more tired. Plus I was pretty tired and dehydrated from a day of working, which I don't think helped. It was such a good day, I felt so good. I knew I'd pay for being so active, and I am, but I think it was probably worth it.

The only big news lately is the last couple of times I've showered I've noticed an issue with my hair. Yeah, it appears to be falling out in clumps when I wash it, and I'm just starting to notice a difference. It sucks, and let's not lie- I"m pretty bummed about it. Friends are suggesting to just shave it off, but I'm not gonna. I'm just gonna hang in for a little while longer and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe it will get better. Crazier things have happened. And really, losing hair- it could be so much worse. It could be a limb. And hair grows back.

I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday, and my cold seems to be getting better, so maybe that's part of the moodiness. In any case, I"m hoping for a better week and I hope everybody out there is doing good too. Keep the faith, and keep checking the missmelanoma.com site- some big changes are coming soon. No really, I mean it this time.



Anonymous said...

Shave it, go with the Mr. Clean look! KK

Anonymous said...

I promised a sleek head if you had one- You think you are not looking forward to it - Have you seen the size of my DOME....
I love you L call me when you feel up to it -
I am trying to give you some space - although sometimes I like to atleast leave m essages so all these creepy onlookers you have cannot read my insestual (spelling) thoughts about you and that hot pink nighty you wear. Love you, Mangy


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