Sunday, February 05, 2006

Aliens are coming. They're killing the skinny blondes first. (Not you, Mangie.)

There is nothing, I mean nothing, like getting your hair done to up a mood. Nothing. When I feel like I have no control of anything, I can at least go and do something with my hair. Granted, when Kinome (the best hairdresser in Dallas, I swear) (check out her blog at brushed thru it, it started breaking off everywhere. But she worked with what she had, and cut some of the length off, and now it looks killer. You should've seen her face when I told her what I wanted- platinum up top with black in the back. She explained what I really needed to do (a very decent compromise, in my opinion), and three short hours later- voila! Killer hair. I went from Dikey to Terri Nunn in 3 short hours.
Not much besides that going on. All Bobby and I have left on the room is touch-up paint and a bookshelf. We're hanging pictures up soon, so the walls are bare, but here's a sneak peak. Hope you enjoy!
Once again, Miss Melanoma Artwork- and a new look- are coming to Miss, so don't forget to keep checking in. Also, the store is being updated, so feel free to check that out and pass it on. Besos!



kinome said...

hey there!!! i am soo glad you like your hair!! you look great in this photo!

Anonymous said...

Hey how do I order a copy of the closeup photo - I assume I can buy on e - yes or no?

what up hussy. Your hair looks good - Can I get a shot of the back - or maybe BOOBY could tell me about it since he sees it so often
Love you


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