Thursday, May 25, 2006

999- Evil when Doing Handstands

Well, kids, things are looking good. If you haven't checked in on the regular site lately, you really should, because it's new and improved and looking great. There's more to come, of course, but the revamping in the works is a big move on our part to target the 20 t0 30 crowd who may be looking for survivors going down a similar path, and we're glad to be just that.

The new meds seem to be good, too. The steroid appears to be helping the rash a little, even though it makes me eat everything that isn't nailed down. The double dose of Lexapro has definately started to keep the feelings of depression at bay(it's amazing and awesome how well- and how fast- a new dose helps), and the pain killer is really helping with the side effects of the Interferon. Overally, I'm actually really happy I threw the fit that I did at the doctor's office, even though at the time I felt like a total idiot. And, let's face it, I probably was. The good news is- I'll say it again- that I'm lucky to have been connected with great doctors. Dr. Daya was really awesome this week, and made me feel so much better. He's right- two months is not that long in comparison to what I've done already. Plus, it's totally worth it in comparison to having this cancer come back. I'm starting to feel more like myself already, and it's only been a week or so since the change in drugs, but I'm so glad that it helps. Bobby even said today that it's good to hear me laughing again, and it's good to be back. I missed you guys.
It just goes to show that when you feel like something's not right, it pays to follow up on it and insist on something to help. I don't think if I would've just asked for new stuff that I would've gotten anything. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease in these cases.
Anyway, enough of that.
Tomorrow I'm going out of town to present a scholarship given in memory of my dad. I'm a little nervous, and not sure what I'm gonna say, but it's such an honor to do and such a great way to remember him. Seems like 10 years ago that he passed away, and yet I guess it wasn't even 2 years yet.
I remember the first time we talked about him having cancer, and I think now how different my attitude is about living with it and how it's not the death sentence so many of us associate with it. I'm lucky that things have changed, that advancements have been made, that this was the year I had melanoma and not 2 years ago, when Interferon wasn't even around. Lucky that there's mice out there giving up recombinant DNA for suckas like me, those crafty little fools in their tiny white lab coats putting together proteins. Isn't technology wonderful? I think so, too.
Just 2 months left, and everything is going to change for me once again. It's been a crazy year, and even though it's not over yet, I'm encouraged that the end is near.
I know I'll walk away from this forever changed, but that doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing. I just know I'm excited about this new chapter in my life and looking forward to the changes.
Can't wait!


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mange said...

How is that? I think you need a break, I worry about you - I might have talked to God one night about you - and here it is -

New website
Traveling to give you Pop's scholarship -
gotta be kidding me -
Give me stories - I want to experience being your friend lovely lady lumps.

Holla - at a girl=


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