Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spirits are High, Numbers are Low

Here's my advice to you: don't get cancer. Although, I guess the reality is, the cancer doesn't actually hurt, it's the chemo that sucks. So, really, I'm recommending that you don't inject interferon into your body. That being said, if your doctor says take it, s/he does have a little more medical expertise than me, so you may want to listen to them. But whatever. You make the call.
I'd first like to say that I know you may not want to hear all this, because, you know, it's gross and kinda depressing, but if this is what's necessary to get you to wear sunscreen, then by God, I'm bearing my soul. Wear sunscreen dammit!
The chemo's been a little rough the last couple of days, and I guess my numbers are low, because my gums have been bleeding for the last 24 hours (which doesn't hurt, but also doesn't do much for my breath, as you can imagine), and I have an eye infection in both eyes, thrush in my mouth, and what appears to be impetigo in my nose. The body aches aren't much fun, either, and the muscles in my legs cramp when I stand, which explains why the Boob had to kinda pull me out of bed this morning. Food somehow helps, and I'm not sure how that works, but it does, so I've been trying to eat regularly and healthy stuff. Ugghh. Anyway, those chief complaints along with the joint pain in my shoulders, neck, hands, elbows, hips, knees and ankles has been pretty bad- so bad that I'm taking Vicodin to relieve the pain. But the Vicodin does help, and, what can I say, life is pretty good when I'm on it. Who loves it?
It sucks. Have I mentioned that? Yeah, I guess I did. And, as usual, I wonder if I should tell y'all this stuff. But I feel like poopie on a stick, and, as Bobby says, "everything's not always rosie. People need to know that." Maybe he's right. Maybe this will motivate people to be more aware of cancer risks. Maybe Armageddon has subliminal pictures of naked women sliced into the film. Maybe Condeleeza Rice is really a man. We just don't know, people. All I know is what's going on right here and now with me, and I'm taking another Vicodin.


Anonymous said...

Vicodin is a friend, lean on him. People don't really know what they are talking about when they refer to the big "V". KK

Anonymous said...

Girl, You havin' a ruff'n.
You need to tell us exactly what you are feeling.

but hell take another vicodin and count down from 35 -
I love you =

Anonymous said...

Might I recomend a little canabis, it would help with the Vitamin V.

Sweet W

Anonymous said...
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