Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Free chemo in the parking lot

Here's a great little list just for fun I jacked from

Planet Cancer.com.

I'll check back in soon.


Top 10 Ways to Disrupt the Waiting Room

Ask everyone around you to do things "stat".
Offer free prostate exams.
Ask everyone nervously whether they have a "spare catheter."
Pop a tape in the VCR of you in an avocado-eating contest.
Supplement bland waiting room periodicals with nurse-fetish pornography.
Give your best rendition of that dance-floor classic: The Naked Raptor.
Hold up sign that reads, "Free chemo in the parking lot."
Initiate a spelling bee. Be unflinchingly cruel with errors.
Leaf through every magazine in the room, shake hands with everyone else and then say loudly, "Jesus, this flesh-eating scabies itches like a mother."
Repeatedly refer to the doctor you're waiting to see as "The Trembling Butcher."


Anonymous said...

Skip the avocado contest pop the nurse fetish porn in the DVD and place the avocado (if there must be avocado in the room) near your most special parts and allow magic to happen ======

I think this would improve the top ten list
Of course, obviously keep the Free Chemo in Lot (thats good - who doesn't want to inject their body with poison)
Luv ya

Anonymous said...

I have spent many hours watching nurse porn. I have also had guacamole on my tingly bits. I really liked both. I miss you kid call me.

Sweet W....


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