Sunday, June 22, 2008

Afraid to Love

I'm going to stop posting, and now the writing comes so simple. Or rather the coming here seems easier, the emotion behind it simpler. Anyway.
Listening to a lot of Ben Folds and Elliot Smith these days, which I can't figure out is good or bad. But the afraid to love theme is always coming up nonetheless.


Carver said...

Hi Lori, Whenever I decide to stop blogging I find myself blogging more. Go figure. I hope you do whatever feels right to you. I like the idea of blogging without obligation. I think we all go in phases. Take care, Carver

Susan Carrier said...

I second that emotion. During the times when I was ready to fold up my blogging tent, I suddenly had a thousand things that I had to say.

I hope you'll continue to just go with the emotional flow.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori,
Just enjoy yourself, have fun and blog once in a great owe it to yourself to take some time away. We (I'm sure I speak for many others) will continue to check in on you and think of you often...
Washington State

Anonymous said...

when love is huge, enormous and penetrates every fiber of our being sometimes I get scared. What I realized is that a love like that won't consume me it will expand me, transform me. Up for it? I believe in you, little mama.


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