Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Hai Haz U Herded of LOL Catz?

The rage is sweeping the nation- have you heard of it? They are LOL cats, and the Bobmeister turned me onto them a while back. I'm amazed when I meet an LOL cat virgin, but it's such a joy to be the one to introduce these little jewels to people.
Whenever something completely bums me out and I cannot seem to pull myself out of the funk, all I have to do is go to and the world is right again. I have yet to visit this site without breaking into fits of laughing out loud belly laughs. One thing you should know if you're unfamiliar with the site- the captions of the pictures are all written by actual cats (or other animals), hence the bad grammar, phonetic nature of the words and misspellings. Check out a few of my favorites and then go and find your own!

As for me, I've had 1 full work week off from school, and in that time I've reconsolidated my loans, cleaned my house, cleaned my classroom, worked out every day, done my laundry, been in touch with some more melanoma awareness groups, had lunch with Bobby, had lunch with friends, and started working on next year's science curriculum. Sounds like a lot, but compared to the school year it's a welcome break. Next week I've got 8-5 training every day, but I'm going to make an effort to catch up with all my peeps b/c I don't think I've read anybody else's blog in months, much less updated my own. Anywho.



Anonymous said...

I guess I was one of those cat virgins....but no more! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with me! Sounds like your a busy girl lately...but enjoying it and life! Just checking in....oh and i loved the skin cancer clip in your last post!
Washington State

Anonymous said...

Glad you have some time off! Have you picked a winner of the Make Up yet? I was just wondering.

Hope you have a great week,
North Carolina


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