Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bobby was randomly Google-ing melanoma and found this conversation on a tanning website about- of all things- ME. Hysterically hilarious, we laughed forever. And I haven't even cracked open the box of wine yet.


The very best part is the comment by the moderator at the very bottom. Feel free to add your own comment!


JB aka JayBee said...

Wow, people in the tanning industry are taking notice of you.


Carver said...

Hi Lori,

I registered and tried to leave a comment. I am awaiting registration confirmation which I may not get since I didn't give them my home address and phone number or actual employer. I faked it. If I get confirmation then I will say that I have a dark complexion and do not fit the profile and still ended up with stage III melanoma so their BS about denying light skinned people admittance is a crock (they wouldn't do it anyway).

I wish I could laugh about it but the forum infuriated me. My daughter does have very light skin and I'll admit to worrying about her although she's never been into tanning.

A sort of funny story. She was working at a summer camp after my dx and telling the kids to put on sunscreen. Some of the darker skinned kids said they didn't need to because they don't burn. My daughter said that she grew up with a mom slathering sunscreen on her and making her wear a T shirt at the beach. She said her mom (me) said the reason she didn't do that for herself was that she had a darker complexion. Her punch line was to tell the kids that her mother might die because she had melanoma (that freaked me out because I didn't realize she was going down the D word path with me).

Another thing. It wasn't until I had melanoma and started protected my skin that I realized my complexion isn't as dark as I thought it was. Since I tend to go brown, not burn, and am in the sun a lot, I kept a base tan even in the winter. Now that my skin hasn't been exposed to unprotected sun for a while, I realize that I am much lighter than I thought.

Carver said...

Me again. I did manage to get registered and this is what I said:

I like Miss M have stage III melanoma. I do NOT have a light skin tone. Like Miss M at stage III (node positive) plus with a deep primary, my chances of dying from this cancer, which can spread to pretty much any site of the body (organs, brain, bones, etc.), was uncomfortably high. Now that I'm 3 years out from a lymph node dissection without a recurrence, my chances are much better. I have known too many young people who have died from this awful cancer. I also know many stage IV patients who are fighting hard. Too many of them spent time using tanning beds and the facts on tanning beds are sobering. From the ACS site: "People 35 or younger who used the beds regularly had a melanoma risk eight-fold higher than people who never used tanning beds. Even occasional use among that age group almost tripled the chances of developing melanoma." ACS Melanoma Tanning Beds


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