Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

Hello all- Well, thought I'd check in briefly before next week. I'll be in the hospital receiving round 2 of the chemo treatment starting Monday or Tuesday and lasting 5 days. Let me tell you what they don't say about chemo, and that's that the drugs they give you to get you through the chemo is what actually makes you so crazy. They gave me steroids in the morning and at night to keep my system fighting, and I had a little more than 'roid rage. I freaked out Exorcist style, and besides the crying I did for 2 full days, I had that whole head spinning around issue, too. Luckily, it all turned out okay, and I'm rearing to go for another round. For those of you keeping up with what's going on through these blogs (both of you) feel free to call and check in... I'll have lots of time on my hands in the hospital. And thanks for all the thoughts and prayers going on out there, kiddos. Until next time, Amebos!

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Anonymous said...

After experiencing first hand - I would like to say that Miss Melanoma, herself is, slightly hard her self, unledd the good Lord was protecting me. I saw some mood se=wings - you know the highs and lows but - It was still lori dealing with more that I could and I looked at her everyday with a admiration.


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