Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who's your mama?

Awesome doctor's visit... the sutures are still in the foot and I still have the drainage tube from the stomach, but no more staples. They took out sixty-something that started a little above my knee and went up my thigh into my abdomin. Yeah! One more step towards total recovery. And next week, I'll maybe get the rest of the foreign probes removed. :) Can't wait until they give me permission to walk. That'll be another great day.
Until next time, Batfriends...


Anonymous said...

I had no idea. I was just telling Jason 2 days ago that I was thinking about going to a dermatologist to have my many moles looked at. I was only outside for a few hours and didn't realize I was getting burned.

Maybe your website will finally get me off my butt and into the doctor's office. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

How bout a pedi -
I hope that they get all foreign probes out of you ASAP.


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