Monday, August 15, 2005

10% Discount on Pedicures

So... tomorrow I go into the hospital to start treatment. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't nervous, hence the 2 a.m. posting. It's been a great week of enjoying things I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy in a while: you know, beer, showers, wearing real shoes, walking without crutches. It's the simple things you take for granted everyday that mean the most when you get them back. I'm glad they're back.

I'm just going to stay busy and try to get some sleep and focus on other things until treatment... just staying focused on all the good stuff going on around me. I know everything is going to be awesome and this month in the hospital is going to go fast. Also want to say thanks to Kelly & Jeff who came down to see me today, Tammer and Lush for being themselves, and little Bobby for letting me drive him crazy, and of course to all the other friends that have been there and the unmentionables out there (you know who you are, Voldemort). I appreciate you all and know I can do this with your help.

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Anonymous said...

So- how does that you go in and say, "Yeah, so I only have 9 I get a discount?!?" Now that's a positive. Lovin' ya-KK


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