Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Word to your mama, kids. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and Dr. Vk prescribed the at-home Interferon (chemo). I ordered it from the pharmacy, and it should be in tomorrow. I'll go in to the doctor's office and the nurse will teach me how to give the shots to myself for home administration. The picc line is still in my arm, which, if you haven't seen it, means I have two tubes that come out of my upper arm. I try to keep it covered; usually, if I have spaghetti straps on or something I'll wear a bandana or scarf around it. That's good cheap fun because the bandana I wear is blue and Bobby is always saying some Blood is going to cap me and then I'll be sorry. :) Sometimes the tie slips and the tubes fall out of the bottom, and that gets lots of looks, too. When I see people staring, I like to fake a mini seizure. It's a good time.
At my doctor's appointment yesterday I had to have blood drawn, and since I have a picc line, the phlebotomist had to send me over to the Infusion center to have an RN draw it up. The Infusion center is where I would've gone had I not had to get my chemo in the hospital: it's basically a room full of Lazy Boys and people hooked up to IV's getting chemo. It was easily the saddest thing I've seen in a while, walking in and seeing 20 people, most of them with no hair, getting chemo. And looking at them, I know they feel like ass because that's how you feel when you're getting chemo, and it's pretty clear from how they're laying in the chairs. The nurses, of course, are awesome there, and lively and loud and bubbly, and it all just made me think about a million things: like how people make a living from helping people, and how amazing that is to me; it made me think of all my friends, and how I just wanted to remind them of how lucky we all are to be healthy; and, of course, how this whole thing has opened my eyes, and what I can do to pay all these wonderful people back for what they do for so many others. Only thing I can think is pay it forward. I hope all of you do, too.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

who are these people with the dating service and the home furninshings? Hello she beat anorexia--

I miss you L

Anonymous said...

Yeah- the irony of...well, our friend Lori beat cancer but then was killed in a drive-by an assumed rival gang...I checked with the gang officer and it seems that beige is unoffensive. And- I want to know what the person wrote that got blocked- WOW! KK

Anonymous said...

kk- (Lori - ear muffs)
in reference to your question about the blocked comments:
they were weird - like dating services and home furnishing - Here our friend Lori - is doing the public a selfless service and these people are out promoting themselves - How rude-

Girls - i am at the library - who knew still in school and still a last minute type of girl - This shall be an all nighter - It will also suck horribly.
L- you can take your earmuffs off.
Love you both miss you both - Hugs to you both

Anonymous said...

You? Allnighter? Get out of the damn city. You need anything-papers and whatnot- just let Mama know, and I'm down for you babygirl. Hope it goes ok for ya. Call me soon.



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