Sunday, October 30, 2005

Miss Melanoma - LIVE! (sort of)

So kiddos, here's a new twist to add to the fun. Video! That's right, campers, you read it here first: it's my first video blog. There'll be more, of course, in between the EVER engaging text blogs. So grab your party hats and click on the image to the right (no, your other right) to start the good time, and thanks again for dropping by. (hint: You need Quicktime to view this- Bobby said to tell y'all this. Whatever that means.)

-MM (LL)

p.s. I hate my voice on tape! I promise it's not like this in real life. Ok, maybe it is.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't even here the words - because I am at school in the library and I still cried - not because of the needles but because it is so good to see you-

I miss you and your hair looks great -

Anonymous said...

You're B-E-A-utiful! Car washes and cake walks always go well. KK

Anonymous said...

I got somethin you can do. ;)


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